Add more customizations to your virtual tour by embedding a video right inside the virtual tour using our polygon hotspots feature . See the below virtual tour as an example of how the tour will look like. We call it the " Magic Embed "

In the above. tour you will see two HD videos embedded in the Go-Pro video and the Fireplace video that are playing together on autoplay; also on the side you will see a HD photograph of Monalisa that is added inside the panorama.  All of these three hotspots can be interacted with , incase of the video you can use the click to pause/start the video and in the case of the photograph you can click to load a high resolution image of the Image.  

We had the privilege of Matt from Crow Wing Photography do a pretty in depth tutorial for us and how to use this feature. Please find the tutorial below.

This feature is only available for our business users. You can find more information about this here -